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EFL for Kids

The child can explore the subtleties of relationships, discover their strengths, and develop Habits of Mind such as persisting, managing impulsivity, thinking flexibly, applying past knowledge to new situations, gathering data through all senses, responding with wonderment and awe, and thinking interdependently. Habits of Mind are skills that help kids succeed in life.  


When kids interact with horses, they build a secure, nonjudgmental relationship where it is safe to be their authentic selves. They can discover and practice relationship skills without worrying about being laughed at or getting it wrong. Children are allowed to safely explore the dynamics of interacting with a powerful being with a mind of their own. Children become empowered when they discover they can lead the dance of interaction with a horse.


Children experience the power and importance of healthy boundaries. First, they learn about boundaries by watching the horses set and keep firm boundaries. Then, they learn to set a clear limit and stand by it. Clear limits are such an important skill to learn. This skill will benefit them for the rest of their life.


When a kid is engaged in EFL, they experience an expansion of their emotional vocabulary. It is beneficial to recognize the bodily signs their emotions send so they can be accurately identified and expressed. This knowledge helps with learning how to manage emotions in a healthy manner. The more time children spend strengthening their emotional vocabulary, the better the quality of their relationships.


EFL is experiential learning. The children are engaged in safe, fun activities with horses. All the experiences are done on the ground; no riding is involved in EFL. They engage in a variety of experiences that allow them to engage with the horses authentically.


Call Karen at 413.749.5883 to learn more and set up a session for your child.

60 Minute session - $75

Package of 4 sessions - $275

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