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Dreams Can Come True

But Sometimes You Need Help

We are in the start up phase

The mission of Finding Peace Farm, inc. is to be a sanctuary where horses and humans can heal from the trauma of abuse; physical, psychological, and sexual.

Once we have our farm, we will provide a variety of services: Equine Facilitated Learning, onsite trauma clinicians, Equusoma, yoga, qigong, coaching, and creativity workshops in a variety of the arts.

Additionally, Finding Peace Farm, inc. will be a safe place for people to come to heal their souls.

Karen O. Lindstrom, Ed.S. Director/Founder

Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a natural ability to empathize and care for those souls crying for help, be those souls animal or human.

When I was 9, a horse came to the barn I rode at after being neglected and abused at a summer camp. Moochou had the most soulful eyes, and he endured his suffering with dignity and grace. I could see the gratitude in his eyes when I spent hours caring for him, soaking his lame swollen legs, and caring for his sores. Unfortunately, I couldn't save Moochou, but he has stayed in my heart for over 50 years. By starting Finding Peace Farm, inc. I will be giving horses like Moochou a second chance at living a beautiful life.

If I wasn't caring for animals, I took care of people less fortunate than myself. I spent my life standing up for the underdog.

I became a school psychologist and have spent over 25 years supporting children, parents, and colleagues in becoming the best version of themselves. As I step into the next chapter of my life, I am bringing together my two passions by creating Finding Peace Farm, inc.

Won't you help me make Finding Peace Farm, inc. a reality. Together we can help change horses' and humans' lives for the better. Get in touch to learn how you can donate to Finding Peace Farm.

In Gratitude,


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